SWOT analysis

SWOT analysis

In this analysis, we consider our company’s opportunities and strengths, as well as its threats and weaknesses, including in comparison with similar European companies. An important principle we adhere to in this regard is that, in markets in which we have limited experience, we work closely together with partners. This applies to markets in a geographical sense, as well as to many projects that contribute to the transition to a CO2-neutral energy supply.


  • Gas infrastructure: strong in operational, commercial and network planning activities and in the management of new-build projects
  • Good brand awareness and reputation
  • Extensive experience with and knowledge of gas infrastructure
  • Strong in business-to-business service provision
  • Highly automated processes
  • Cross-border activities with a wide range of mid-stream assets
  • Solid financial position


  • Main activities primarily focused on the natural gas business
  • Dependent on relatively few partners
  • Access to a limited number of assets in growth markets
  • Limited experience with innovative projects in new environments
  • Composition of workforce (high average age)


  • Benefit from and encourage new sustainable energy markets by developing sustainable business
  • Make the most of our role of energy infrastructure company in the transition to a CO2-neutral energy supply by working together with regional network companies and other national energy infrastructure companies
  • Strengthen our position as cross-border gas infrastructure company in Europe by working together with leading gas transport companies
  • Contribute to the (European) security of supply by linking up with extra LNG supply in Northwestern Europe and extra supply of Russian gas for Europe


  • Role of natural gas not undisputed
  • Quickly changing business environment with an expected decline in gas transport
  • Geopolitical developments
  • Developments in legislation and regulations
  • Loss of knowledge of experienced employees about to retire